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Hello there!
My name is Manca. Since 2020, I've passionately pursued wedding photography. These years have been nothing short of remarkable, introducing me to countless individuals who have grown to become lifelong friends.
I’m a photographer based out of the insanely beautiful mountains in Slovenia, Europe. Who enjoys seeing new parts of the world and meeting new people to photograph. First, lets make sure we’re a match. I’ll go first! It’s important to find a photographer whose work you love but I think it’s even more important to find a photographer who you resonate with, someone you can connect with.
… more random but important things about me –
I am from insanely gorgeous sea, mountain, vineyard, cute little towns … place called Slovenia in Europe, It’s a photographer’s dream to live here with so crazy dynamic scenery. I am constantly wanting to explore different cultures and I love the ones with temper. I absolutely love deep conversations and I hate small talks for sure. I can and I have and I’m doing it again binge watched Friends. When I feel at ease I am sarcastic from my toes up and Chandler is my best friend, but when I am not on the other hand I blush all the time!
I spent my free time exploring new places, petting our dog Toby and buying home decor for our family hotel Rozka, that we don’t need. So, let’s create something beautiful together!


Together we’ll plan a wedding day that
doesn’t just fly by but is full of intentional

and get in touch

I’m honored to be considered for your special day. With a limited number of weddings and elopements per year, I can give my full creative attention to each couple. Let’s chat about your story and where your love will take you.

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What I offer

Whether it is your engagement, maternity, anniversary or just because you love each other, I will create an experience for you that is more than just a photoshoot. We will make it fun and relaxed almost like you are on a really cool date. With your favorite third wheel.

Capturing every detail of your special day with all your favorite people. I have several packages to fit every couple. I have shot numerous weddings over the year and I have found wedding to be most favorite thing to shoot thus far. Available for destination weddings. Contact me for more informations.

I am all about breaking traditions, and an elopement is the perfect way to do that. Planning to lead your vows and promise yourselves to one another with just you two and no one else?

I add small clip drone videos to my wedding couples. Because, well, why not? Some moments are just more heart to heart with some live edits.

Product shoots, editorials, house interior shoots is something I like to do too. These require a custom quote to fit your exact needs.

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What to expect

No more fake over posed, unrealistic version of who you are. I want your photos to be more than just photos to you.

I love capturing the natural moments that happen throughout your day to show the connection between you and those you love. Most importantly I want to capture you just being.
The booty grabs, the giggles, the sunset kisses, the in-betweens and all the perfectly imperfect moments. All the good stuff. Let’s walk around your neighborhood, chase the sunset light while it pour around the peaks or sleep under the milky way. What ever adventure, I want to be there for it.

So, watcha think? Are we a match?

You're My Kind of Couple if You Value...

A meaningful experience that keeps you and your partner at the center
A go with the flow attitude in the face of any uncontrollable circumstances
Exploring new horizons that make you feel both small and fully alive
Sharing the gift of presence in your life and relationships
A spirit that embraces individuality and has the courage to do things differently
A belief in the commitment and gravity of marriage (which is what this is all about!)

Here's an honest question for you: what do you want your day to feel like?

A wedding could be the most connected, intimate and memorable day of your life. And the best part is, it can truly be wherever you want it to be. Being enveloped by one of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes only illuminates the inherent beauty of your commitment to one another.

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