I’m Manca.
I’ve been shooting for 3 years now.
And it has been the best years. I’ve met so many people who have become life long friends.

Just a photographer based out of the insanely beautiful mountains in Slovenia, Europe. Who enjoys seeing new parts of the world and meeting new people to photograph.

First, lets make sure we’re a match. I’ll go first!
It’s important to find a photographer whose work you love but I think it’s even more important to find a photographer who you resonate with, someone you can connect with.

… more random but important things about me
I am from insanely gorgeous sea, mountain, vineyard, cute little towns … place called Slovenia in Europe, It’s a photographer’s dream to live here with so crazy dynamic scenery. I am constantly wanting to explore different cultures and I love the ones with temper. I absolutely love Spanish language and deep conversations but I hate small talks for sure. I can and I have and I’m doing it again binge watched Friends and La casa de papel. When I feel at ease I am sarcastic from my toes up and Chandler is my best friend, but when I am not on the other hand I blush all the time!
I spent my free time exploring new places, petting our dog Toby and buying home decor for our family hotel Rozka that we don’t need.

So, let’s create something beautiful together!

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